Woo Szugyi


I never wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to travel. But with little money, I decided to do some basic teacher training and hope I could find work abroad. I started in Italy, where I spent most of my free time on the beach with my nose in a grammar book. That first year was tough. My training hadn’t prepared me for the realities of the classroom, but I persevered and was finally rewarded by happy kids and grateful parents. 

After I returned to the UK, I became fascinated by the science of language and undertook first a Language Teaching Diploma and then a Masters degree in Linguistics. I taught in universities for several years before the infamous British weather necessitated a move to the Middle East, where I taught military cadets. It was during this time that I discovered what it truly meant to be an educator; not just making smarter students, but leading students along the road to be better people.

Now, twelve years on and newly arrived in Budapest, I find myself as both student and teacher. Fortunately, the inquisitive kids at GYH are more than willing to teach me something new every day. I enjoy guiding them as they become more confident to use their English, encouraging questions, curiosity and creativity. I feel privileged to share in their discoveries and successes and I’m looking forward to watching them grow as their abilities and personalities develop.

kapcsolat: woo@gyermekekhaza.hu